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Guide to Fort Lauderdale

Guide to Fort Lauderdale

Moving to Fort Lauderdale, Florida:

When you first think of Fort Lauderdale, you may relate it directly to the military base that is located there. However, many people who do not live there do not always realize the potential of this beautiful, interesting, and fun location! From ghost tours to beautiful golfing opportunities, Fort Lauderdale is a great location to move to for those seeking a relaxing environment. With its many clean beaches such as Las Olas Beach and fresh seafood restaurants like Coconuts on Seabreeze Blvd., there is plenty to enjoy in this location. In addition to its delicious seafood, Coconuts is known for their excellent service, delicious drinks, and beautiful dishes.

Similar to New Orleans, Louisiana, Fort Lauderdale is known for its enticing history and ghost tours. You can visit these tours to learn more about the history of the area, and you can also explore haunted locations such as the fan-favorite Stranahan House. If exploring paranormal locations is not your idea of a good time, don’t worry, there are many different activities to do in Fort Lauderdale. You can join any of the many country clubs in the area to enjoy the green grasses of their golf courses, or you can golf at highly-rated golf courses such as The City of Lauderhill Golf Course. This area also offers gorgeous scenic park areas with a variety of local greenery that can only be found in the area. For example, Hugh Taylor Birch State Park is a cool and shaded park filled with impressive and towering trees.

Those who move to Fort Lauderdale enjoy its relaxing atmosphere while celebrate its many fun activities and locations. Moving to this location will guarantee that your home will become the preferred location for family and friends to come visit. For more information and advice on moving to Fort Lauderdale, Florida please reach out to our professionals.